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Prakash Chemicals is established in 1991, it started with Bentonite manufacturing and its related products and thereby pioneering by making a wide variety of Bleaching Earth products. Other than Indian market we also export to countries like Nepal, Srilanka, Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh etc.


We are one of the leading Bentonite manufacturers in India. We own extensive mining with reserves for the next 25 years and mineral processing facilities in Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) and Bhuj (Gujarat) India combined with our technical expertise with over 25 years in the field.


1. Fullers Earth Granular

2. Natural Fullers Earth

3. Activated Bleaching Earth

4. Carbon & Carbon Blended Powder

5. Pet Litter / Cat Litter

We make both high grade Acid Activated Bleaching Earth / Wash Clay / Acid Wash Clay and also Medium grades of Bleaching Earths which are all used in refining various vegetable oils such as Palm Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Soya Bean Oil etc.




At Prakash Chemicals, what distinguishes us is our unmatched product supply on time with Quality check of the best products meeting your specification, as we have been in manufacturing of Bentonite related products for over twenty five years.


We continuously develop our products and try to meet all advancements to support our domestic and overseas needs.


Delivering reliable and cost effective quality products.


Fostering and developing new techniques / applications / growth areas basing on geological / mineral studies.


Consistent quality by optimizing the time temperature combination during bleaching.


Huge reserves of Calcium Bentonite.


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